Jeff Rotmeyer
Founder & CEO

Originally from Vancouver, Jeff came to Hong Kong in 2005 for a teaching position in a Hong Kong public school. Soon after arriving Jeff got involved in charity work and was introduced to the homeless population in Sham Shui Po. This meaningful evening was an eye-opener for him and evolved into monthly - and now daily - visits to give food to the homeless community. He founded ImpactHK in 2017 and thanks to the support of thousands of caring volunteers, we have collectively made a huge impact for those experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong.

Jeff is passionate about standing up for marginalised communities who are typically held back and unfairly judged. He is dedicated to serving people who are homeless in Hong Kong and sees his role as an enormous privilege.

Charlotte Tottenham
Head of Partnerships & Development

With a background in journalism, Charlotte also brings experience from the charity sector on three continents. She looks after all things related to fundraising, marketing and communications, which includes corporate partnerships and events. She also manages the volunteering programme and ImpactHK’s outreach on the streets across Hong Kong.

To get in touch with her, email

Tszning Yeung
Head of Programmes (registered social worker)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Tszning is a registered social worker with expertise in supporting marginalised communities. She takes care of all things programme and impact management - including basic protection, accommodation, employment & training, health & fitness, community education and our integrated elderly service. She also oversees our centres and any partnerships with other service providers or NGOs.

To get in touch with her, email

Vincent Pang
Head of Operations

Adrian Ng
Case Worker (registered social worker)

Ady Lai
Fundraising Officer

Ariel Lau
Case Worker

Amy Mak
Senior Accounting Officer

Candice Chu
Outreach & Volunteer Officer

Deep Ng
Senior Case Worker (registered social worker)

Eric Kwong
Community Centre Supervisor

Greg March
Business Development Manager

Kathryn Yuen
Shop Supervisor

Kin Tam
Case Worker (registered social worker)

Mani Chan
Senior Marketing & Fundraising Officer

Sandy Cheng
Case Worker

Samuel Wong
Senior Programme Officer

Shaun Tsang
Shop Manager

Tony Ho
Case Worker (registered social worker)