Accommodation in a safe place is a critical part of helping people on their journey to independence. We have a range of different interventions, which range from short term shelter to longer term co-living.


Emergency shelter

The purpose of the Emergency Shelter Service is to heal and stabilise – to provide people the urgent care they need in a crisis. It is usually for up to six weeks and service users must play their part in their journey by committing to stay in close contact with the case worker in this time. It was launched in response to Covid 19 outbreak and participants stay in our partner guesthouses and hostels.


Transitional housing

The Transitional Housing Service aims to equip and develop our clients with skills and perspectives for their life transformation journey. It is usually 1-2 years and service users will be working on their long term housing plan with their case worker in this time.



This pioneering programme is designed to help people consolidate and graduate; moving on to independent living once more. It is for an average of two years and appropriate individuals are invited to apply and are matched with other ImpactHK clients. These residents share a 3-5 bedroom apartment with a living room and kitchen – and are responsible for paying their own rent and maintaining their home.


Rental support service

We are committed to empowering people to get homes of their own. On a case by case basis we will sometimes bridge the gap; offering financial assistance to help individuals to pay their deposit and first month’s rent. This fosters self-reliance and gives our service users that financial leg up that is so often needed to access the Hong Kong private rental market.



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Our outreach efforts aim to connect with the homeless community, providing vital support to individuals who may be facing physical and mental vulnerability due to...


Casework encompasses a range of support services, such as counselling, community resource referrals, and service integration.


We provide job training and assistant opportunities within our organisation to help people discover their purpose and build their self-esteem.

Employment & Training

We promote active and healthy lifestyles through daily exercise classes, personalized training, sports team sessions, field trips, and camping experiences.

Health & Fitness

We aim to provide a safe, friendly, and inclusive space for the people experiencing homelessness.

Community Services

Our education program aim to cultivate empathy among students through Kindness Walks and interactive discussions.

Community Education

We collaborate with academic partners on research and community surveys examining homelessness in Hong Kong.