What We Do

At ImpactHK we primarily work with people who are currently homeless, providing a range of programmes and services to help people move on from the streets. We empower people to settle in a safe home, restore their health and wellbeing, build their self-esteem and discover their purpose.

We also build community connections to foster a better understanding of homelessness in Hong Kong. Find out more about our community education programme and the work we do with schools and universities here.

We are out on the streets more than 60 times a month in locations all across Hong Kong serving much-needed resources to people experiencing homelessness. With the hard work of our incredible volunteers, we are able to help more than 425 people each week. We give out food, water, masks,...


Hong Kong is one of the world’s richest cities, yet there are many people who do not have their basic needs met. We serve 300 meals every 365 days a year and have a resource bank providing hygiene products, sleeping bags, blankets and clothing.

Basic Protection

Accommodation in a safe place is a critical part of helping people on their journey to independence. We have a range of different interventions, which range from short term shelter to longer term co-living.


Many of the people we work with have barriers to accessing employment and training. Some of them are ageing and struggle to keep pace with the digital and fast-changing world of work. There is fierce competition in the job market and covid caused a 16 year high in unemployment.

Employment & Training

We know that it is hard to make changes in your life if you’re not feeling healthy and fit. We have a number of activities that seek that help people restore and nourish their mental and physical fitness. Our services include counselling, peer support groups and medical, dental and eye...

Health & Fitness

An increasing number of elderly people are becoming homeless in Hong Kong. Many experience health issues but lack the knowledge to seek social welfare or take medication. Our integrated elderly service provides tailored support depending on each person’s strengths and needs. Recently we have been helping our older clients to...


There is a huge amount of stigma attached to being homeless, which makes it hard for people experiencing it to get back on their feet. But it is impossible to help these individuals unless the rest of society has an understanding about the situation. By sharing the stories of these...

Community Education