Community Services

29 Community Center

29 Community Center is a year-round safe space for people experiencing homelessness, located at 29 Oak Street, Tai Kok Tsui. It offers daily assistance such as meals, clothing, phone charging, haircuts, free internet access, and more. The centre also hosts various community events every week, such as health talks, personal growth workshops, birthday parties, karaoke nights, and so on. These events help the community build friendships and mutual support networks with others in similar situations.

29 Center aims to provide a safe, friendly, and inclusive space for the people experiencing homelessness. Besides being a basic support station, it also serves as an extended living area and a communal lounge for them.

In the future, 29 Center will enhance its services related to the “health of elderly”, such as regular check-ups, nutrition education, retirement planning, and so on. This will help the elderly people experiencing homelessness pay more attention to their physical and mental well-being.


The Kind Kitchen

Through the Community Kitchen Project and other food aid programs, we provide at least 9,000 meals every month to the people experiencing homelessness and low-income people in the neighbourhood. Providing stable and secure food assistance to our service users not only meets their basic survival needs, but also helps us keep in touch with them.

In the future, the community kitchen will focus on nutrition and job skills training. We hope that besides providing food for basic survival needs, we can also promote health management from a nutritional perspective. At the same time, we will also organize food-related job skills training for service users who are interested in joining the catering industry. This will allow them to receive appropriate training in the community kitchen.

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Our outreach efforts aim to connect with the homeless community, providing vital support to individuals who may be facing physical and mental vulnerability due to...


Casework encompasses a range of support services, such as counselling, community resource referrals, and service integration.


We provide basic accomodation, which range from short term shelter to longer term co-living, to people experiencing homelessness.


We provide job training and assistant opportunities within our organisation to help people discover their purpose and build their self-esteem.

Employment & Training

We promote active and healthy lifestyles through daily exercise classes, personalized training, sports team sessions, field trips, and camping experiences.

Health & Fitness

Our education program aim to cultivate empathy among students through Kindness Walks and interactive discussions.

Community Education

We collaborate with academic partners on research and community surveys examining homelessness in Hong Kong.