Employment & Training

Many of the people we work with have barriers to accessing employment and training. Some of them are ageing and struggle to keep pace with the digital and fast-changing world of work. There is fierce competition in the job market and covid caused a 16 year high in unemployment.

But at ImpactHK we believe in focusing on what is strong, rather than what is ‘wrong’. We foster continuous learning and provide opportunities to help people discover their purpose and build their self-esteem. This gives people the tools to make a living in a meaningful job and to construct hopes and dreams for themselves.


Community Helper Training Project

This is a work readiness programme that emphasises learning and serving the community, to help members transition to a more self-reliant life stage. Each cohort will learn from one another and develop their interpersonal skills – through social gatherings, volunteering in our centres, training workshops and much more. This year long programme enables people to make commitments and bear the responsibility of their choices and actions – and we will empower them to grow their own self-worth.


Full Time Assistants Project

This programme is suited to those who want to acquire skills by working for ImpactHK. We provide stable employment and a housing allowance, with on-the-job training in order to unleash potential in our clients. It fosters whole-person development, improves wellbeing and gives these participants a sense of pride in their own competence. It allows them to strengthen transferable work and social skills and they play an important role as ambassadors in the community.


Employment Support Service

This service works with those who need support seeking work in the mainstream job market. It provides individual career counselling, helps to inform users of what is out there, as well as helping them to discover their aspirations and build self esteem. We also help to provide links to our network of employers and community resources. We also offer seminars on topics such as work safety and career planning.

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